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LV Props maintains a dedicated design team to conceptualize your ideas into a digital or physical copy.  Test your ideas before you begin development with our 3-D modeling, concept art and detailed scaled diagrams to best select what you want built.  

Design, Fabrication and Pirate Ships
Telegraph Prop Concept Art
Designs for pirate boat car prop


Kiss Boot Fabrication and Prop
Built from scratch, props
Wooden Set Piece, Scenic Prop

LV Props works with all manner of materials, equipment and resources to bring your dreams to life. Our expansive facilities can handle amost any size project.

- Carpentry

- Fiber Glassing

- Silicone/Plastics

- Specialized Materials

- Animal-Safe Products

- More Available on     Request

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LV Props's highly trained staff can take any of your products or ideas and bring them back to life in multiple.  We specialize in recreating and prototyping products for mass production and more.

- Miniaturization

- Product Demo

- Prototyping

- Enlargement

- Duplicaiton

Gene Simmons Duplicate
City Landscape copies
Skyrim Shield Replica
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